Wednesday, March 14, 2012

piecing things together...

{beginning with paper, wood and wax}

{beginning with color and cotton}

Hello from the middle of the week.  An incident in my neighborhood has left me feeling very unsettled and unfocused this week (everyone is fine but it was definitely a wake up call).  I've been unable to concentrate and have found myself doing the busy work of sanding blocks, painting on the 1st layers of wax and cutting out birds.  All very important tasks but not very exciting stuff for this space.  I'm still knitting a bit of Agnes each day but a new project is vying for my time and attention.  I've tried to talk myself out of this project (with committing to finishing the monkey anniversary sweater and all) but I don't think it's working.   So, yesterday I made the trip to the fabric store and picked up a few snippets of Denyse Schmidt fabrics and started planning a quilt for Theo's new bed.  Theo has a teeny-tiny and somewhat awkwardly shaped room so discovering these carpet tiles set a plan in motion for a much needed room makeover.  I'm sure Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger would have some bedding that might work with the red, white and blue carpet tiles but that would  be too matchy, matchy and that's not how I roll.  I need something a little more eclectic to tie together the carpet tiles, the band & concert posters and  my 14 year old boy.  So I'm working and reworking color combinations and am going to move forward with a very basic and modern quilt project.  I love the look of the simple freehand edge to edge loop but am not sure my 25 year old Singer sewing machine can handle that.  I don't think I'm up for hand quilting the whole thing (I pieced and hand stitched two quilts many, many years ago) but I'm going to cross that bridge when I come to it.  Any advice on teaching myself to machine quilt?


Carole said...

Sorry, my sewing machine hates me! No advice from me, as I only hand stitch now. Take care.

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

have never tried quilt making, so no advice, sorry!
sounds kind of busy at yours ~ but a lovely kind of busy xx