Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Friday-

I spy signs of Spring inside and out these days but it hasn't slowed down the clacking of the knitting needles.  Agnes is 1/2 knit in just a few days time and I'm having trouble putting her down.  Once she's done I'm planning to use up some odds and ends to replenish the hat and mitten stash for next year and to get back to working on a sweater for C that's been 1/2 done for 7 years (pitiful, i know).  In fact, since I'm saying it out loud I may as well commit to finishing that monkey on my back sweater.  Yes, this is the year that I will complete the anniversary sweater (a gift intended to be for our 10th anniversary) by June 17th which will be our 17th anniversary. Well now, this is not the post I intended to write but it will keep the needles clacking.  Happy Friday!

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artslice said...

Oh la la, Agnes is adorable! You are knitting up a storm :) I hope you finish the monkey sweater... it will be a relief and a reason to begin another project!