Wednesday, February 2, 2011

too much of a good thing (but i love it)

The 20+ inches of snow that fell overnight led to lots of baking, cooking, shoveling, playing, fighting, making up, laughing and painting . School has already been cancelled tomorrow as well because of impassable roads and single digit temps so it promises to be another day of family fun . We're off to skate on the neighbors ice rink under the stars to wrap up this day. For tomorrow I'm thinking about knitting and board games (if we can get a certain someone to play something other than bananagrams). Any snow day suggestions?


artslice said...

20+ inches of snow!!? Holy cow! Sounds like you've got the best activities covered. Of course there's snowball fights, sledding, snow angels and recruiting help for shoveling. (this is a good one because it makes them pretty tired) I hope your pantry is stocked :)

tangled sky studio said...

hmmm...maybe i'll get the kids to start shoveling the alley (it's not city maintained and i don't think any of us will get out for days without a lot of elbow grease).

Leililaloo said...

Wow, that sounds a bit scary as well as cozy. I would be lots more intimidated by this much snow fall. You don't sound scared at all, how brave you are! I hope you have enough food...and are the phones still working? Hmmm, i do sound like someone who is not used to the weather interfering with life. I sound a bit chicken don't i?

chrissy said...

i have thought about you during all this flurry. i think fires and trying a new soup recipe with everyone pitching in sounds good. oh and bread. you always make the most amazing bread.
stay warm friend.