Monday, January 31, 2011

stories stitched and sewn...

Each of the figures in this painting is stitched into their own little pocket of humanity. A few are in it together and some are in places where the stitches are frayed and worn but still holding strong none the less. All are surrounded by magically continuous but broken lines that intersect over and over. I've been giving lots of thought to the things that hold us. In my work over the past few weeks the perfect simplicity of the stitches and the beautiful complexity of the sewing machine are helping me to express complete thoughts about strength and fluidity (two things i've been trying to reconcile lately). But enough about me...what are you trying to make sense of these days?


Jane Moore Houghton said...

loving your new work!

I am trying to make sense of my work - I am not happy with it lately and I'm trying to ignore the demons and just keep pushing through.

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

beautiful colours and lines. love how the stitching seems to tell it.
glad to hear that your paintings arrived safely too. nerve wracking business!

have been straining my brain with some technical stuff {photoshop, colour systems etc!!}. so far, not too much sense :)

blissful chick said...

this is just wonderful. i'm a sucka for old machinery :)

i am trying to not make sense of anything. life is just too weird sometimes. i just try to accept gracefully and move forward :)

art-wise, i'm trying to find my comfort zone. i start with an idea in my head (that usually looks like someone else's art) but somehow it evolves into my own. but i'm never confident, and it's slowing me down.

tangled sky studio said...

i just try to accept and gracefully move forward. love that. need to do that.