Friday, December 10, 2010

warm and wooly

There's been a lot more knitting than painting going on around here this week. Well, actually there was a bit of furniture painting (a great alley find i couldn't pass up). Knitting is just so easy by the fire, at the kitchen counter, in the car waiting for kids. There was also a bit of fabric dying for some special gifts and some batches of sugar cookie dough made for this weekend's Christmas Cookie Extravaganza. Ok, it's not really an "extravaganza" but colored frosting, sprinkles, coconut and m&m's = a big mess and big fun : )

Have a lovely weekend!


nacherluver said...

Warm, wooly and oh so pretty!

artslice said...

Ooh, do tell about the fabric dying! I've bought a few things to dabble with but am still working up the courage to try it out. I've been scurrying along knitting too... hoping to finish the other purple sock and pink scarf to give in time for Christmas. Hope you're enjoying this heartwarming season!