Thursday, December 2, 2010

A piece of my mind...

knowing (what to keep and what to let go)

just between you and me (less is more)

work in progress : )

No, it's not what you think silly! It's just that I have found few words to share here these past few weeks. Since the summer my head has very slowly been wrapping itself around being home and I've struggled a bit to find my voice. But there has been a shift recently and images are beginning to flow into my notebook and onto scraps of paper which I tuck away for safe keeping. It feels good. And so for now there will be more pictures than words, more show than tell, but I'm sure that will change soon as all things do...see you tomorrow.


MB Shaw said...

These are delightful, they make me smile.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

creamy, dreamy...lovely!

the nest said...


gretchenmist said...

beautiful and clear. love the middle one most :)

tangled sky studio said...

i so love having this place be seen and heard : )
thank you mb, darla, annri and belinda for stopping by!

d. said...


I´ve just find...but i´ve already write of you in my blog

In the next days...

From Spain,


Julie Petty said...

Your blog is delightful and so is your work!


Tara Thayer said...

you work looks wonderful, beth. the words speak very clearly to me. an i love that horizontal one so much.
see you here. ;)