Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I have the attention span of a gnat. The kids started school Monday and I was so excited to get the work groove going again but something happened once I turned up the music and pulled out my boards. I only managed to gesso one board when the following happened:

::i remembered i wanted to burn a cd for -r
::delivered the cd
::remembered that the last wall i painted needed touch up
::repainted the entire wall
::folded (the neverending) laundry
::prepped food for dinner
::called my mom
::cut up strawberries for an after school snack
::walked the dog to pick up the kids
::went to the beach
::made dinner
::helped with homework
::read a bit of "the girl with the dragon tattoo"

But, before I climbed the stairs, I poked my head in the studio and smiled at my single gessoed board. It wasn't much but it was a first step towards something : )


Monica said...

I can guarantee you that next Monday I'll have a really similar day !!!

nacherluver said...

wonderful positive attitude! love that you spent your day the way you see fit with no regrets. makes moving forward that much easier ;)

the nest said...

you know what's said about a journey, it always starts with the first step. here's to getting started!

my mind has been whirling too, but always looking forward to some quiet moments sure to come. trying really hard to touch down on the happy in the moment. striving, striving...

love, a.

mummysam said...

good to know i'm not the only gnat brain around :)
(and yes...I will be in town the night of the 16th of October...would love to have you make it over to Renegade for the book signing!)

Sleepandhersisters said...

You will be back in that studio before you know it... these things take time to get back into, baby steps. You gessoed a board and that is a good start.

Abby Creek Art said...

"I have the attention span of a gnat."...that made me laugh out loud today so thanks for that! Think I'm feeling the same way.

Congrats on giving yourself credit for getting started!

artslice said...

Haha! I'm glad I'm not alone in the world of theside-tracked. More power to ya, Beth! We'll get back into the school groove... but it takes a bit of time:) (feels good tho).

Leililaloo said...

You are so adorable :) I love your story about what took your attention away from time with your wood boards. It's sound incredibly familiar :)) Plus it gives a wonderful insight in how an overseas friend spends her daily life. And you know how much I love to learn about that....

Wooden Chest Studio said...

Yeah!!!! I am number 100!!!
I really enjoyed going through your encaustic paintings, and looking forward to follow you.