Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A peek...

Here's a peek at two new paintings in progress.  I wanted to work slightly larger than I normally do and so I've broken out the oil paints again.  The top painting is 9x12 and the bottom painting is 16x20.  I keep forgetting they are wet and have touched them a number of times as I think and experiment with what will be layered into each piece next. I added a bit of walnut alkyd to the oil paint to speed up the drying time but after working in encaustics so regularly I'm used to being able to move a piece forward quickly.  There is something to be said for working slowly and I love the richly shaded colors in these pieces.  I'm planning to continue layering and adding wax to the mix later in the week or over the weekend.   Other than that we've got science night and cultural celebration night at the kid's school coming up so there is a volcano to paint, potions to mix up, pierogis to make and costumes to get together (so i think i better step away from the computer and get busy....).  See ya.


the nest said...

Charmed already! Even at this early stage, those are knock-outs. I love the colors and shapes and angles and gestures!

Have a fun & busy time "off"!

xo - Annri

chrissy said...

can't wait to see the final pieces.
time is interesting isn't it.
enjoy your night with your children.
it actually sounds wonderful.
a volcano!
you inspire me!

justagirl said...

Lots of good things happening at your house!!!
I love seeing these pieces in the process so interesting.

gretchenmist said...

thanks for the sneak peak :)

Janice La Verne said...

hi beth!

I love hearing about the process of how the paintings get made. would love to see it step by step... wishing, I just find it so interesting the way your paintings get created.

hope all is well, Janice

sammi said...

lovely! oh, how much more patient you are....I would always brush on a layer of wax before the oils dried so I could hurry on to the next's just not in my blood, i'm afraid :)