Sunday, February 21, 2010

the loveliness of beans and bears...

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Yesterday as we were enjoying bowls of yummy white bean soup for lunch I mentioned that I really wanted to visit the recently opened Rancho Gordo retail store.  You can purchase some of their heirloom beans at the SF Farmer's Market and on-line but I'm all about food pilgrimages.  And so within a half an hour (with all three kids in the car) we started the 40 mile drive to Napa.  The small store was easy to find and didn't disappoint (as you can see from the photos above).  I'm looking forward to trying many of the recipes from the Rancho Gordo cookbook but also plan to re-make the White Bean Soup from this weekend to see the difference in taste of dried vs. canned beans (there's been lots of new information coming out about the fact that BPA being used in the linings of most canned foods, did you know about that?).  I know they have a flat rate for shipping so if you feel like trying something really special check out their website...

Bedtime last night:
Sage:"Where are Sealy (stuffed sea lion) and Flipper (stuffed otter)?"
Me:  "Here they are."
(I notice Mrs. Bear at the end of his bed)
Me:  "Mrs. Bear is kind of big but would you like her too?"
Sage:"No she can stay there because when I wake up in the night she fluffs my pillows."
Me:   "I love you, Sage"

I wish you all a special and magic bear to fluff your pillows when you wake...


Leililaloo said...

Sage is a an inspiration to us:))) So authenticly and blundly admitting life is more then what meets the eye.... you have a wise little boy, didn't i mention that already?

the nest said...

Those labels are worth a road-trip! Instant smile.

Sweet Sage. Here's a hug & kiss for him. XO

Here's one for you too. XO

justagirl said...

what a sweetie Sage is...

Love the pic of all the beans, can't wait to see what you do with them all.

layers said...

I have a recipe for black bean soup-- all out of cans-- chicken broth, cans of black beans, can of dice tomatoes, can of refried black beans, handful of shredded carrots (from the package), diced garlic and onion from the jar, handful of rice-- chili powder and cumin-- simmer awhile and ta-daa

sammi said...

oh, I would probably buy more beans than I know what to do with if I went to that shop!
(and lovely little "bear" story :) )

tangled sky studio said...

dana-he has to live up to his name (sage=wise)
annri-i couldn't agree more...did i mention i picked up a t-shirt (to raise heirloom bean awareness!)
katherine-what AM i going to do with all these beand?!
layers-quick is sometimes necessary but given the choice i love taking the slow road with food.
sam-that is exactly what i did!

Anonymous said...

Hey I just made a white bean soup, I make it often in the's a childhood thing..made out of dried beans. I love the picture with the beans.

artslice said...

How sweet of Mrs. Bear. What a cute story :)

Janice La Verne said...

I just caught up on your posts... Kristin of was just here visiting and made the best bean soup from beans we brought home from italy. sigh...she left me with a recipe for kale salad that was sublime. it made even i want to cook.

you are moving again? how bout to Oregon?

thanks for the support and comments on my blog. We are right!

oh, my greyhound monty fluffs the pillows at night. he is the world's best dog.