Monday, June 1, 2009



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Clarity is the property of being clear or transparent.

Clarity can refer to one's ability to clearly visualize an object or concept, as in thought, understanding, and the "mind's eye", as well as the traditional notion of visual perception, that is, with the actual eyes. Clarity may also refer more broadly to 'perspicacity', the Zen concept of 'no mind', or other terms denoting general clear and unperplexed cognition.

I love the water and am happy to be back at the lake and under it's spell for another season.  When your feet enter the water the sand and silt are stirred up and the water ripples but after a few minutes of stillness it all settles back down and there is clarity (crystal clear see the rocks and minnows clarity) until you move again and then there is dust and confusion and then clarity again.  The woman in this painting stands with her feet in the water staring into the night sky and it is there in the water that she feels most connected to the earth. 

Sweet Dreams.....

(PS:  she is 10" x 20" and she'll be in the shop next week once i frame her....)


artslice said...

She is dreamy against that night sky. I so drawn to your watery paintings.

gretchenmist said...

oooh, i love the ripples and the detail in them. and the dark colours. and how you've included the description which makes it all very clear! :)

the nest said...

it's so quiet there at her spot in the water! the colors, the shapes, her posture - i like it a lot. i really can relate to that muddy-ness which leads to clarity right now... i bet it's with you too.


nacherluver said...

I love her curves!