Thursday, November 3, 2016

returning to wax-

::new encaustic mixed media work::

So I've been framing all week and every flat surface in my house is covered with work.  Yesterday I started to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work left to do so I did what any red blooded procrastinator would do and I started something new.  I already had some small blocks gessoed and so I turned on my skillet, picked out some bits of print from the pile, and created these small pieces.  Going back to hot wax and old imagery was like visiting a good friend and it was just what I needed.  These pieces (and quite a few from my Etsy shop) are going to The Ann Arbor Art Center for the "Art Off The Wall' show. I'm delivering them tomorrow so if you are interested in any of these paintings (or something you saw on Etsy) let me know and I will set it aside.  Now I need to get back to attaching dust covers and hanging hardware....right after I start a new micro art series :-)

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