Monday, November 14, 2016

Prints on wood!

 This package brightened up my weekend.  I have experimented with making prints of my work a few times and none of the attempts ever felt like a good fit, but these little babies are awesome.  I only ordered a few pieces to see how they would translate, how true the image would appear and what the quality would be like.  They exceeded my expectations and the customer service was excellent as I worked through the process of uploading, resizing etc... The images are printed on sustainable birch, maple and bamboo plywood in a factory that is 100% solar powered.  The sides of the panels have a clean look that I really like and they have a keyhole hanger in the back so they can hang unframed.  (they also have a small cut out and wooden wedge so they can stand on their own).  I'm planning to add a new 'prints' section to my Etsy later today.  




Kate Goodman said...

Those look great. What is the company that you used?

tangled sky studio said...

Hi Kate- I used