Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Micro Art Series 1

tiny art!

An answer to all of the large paintings in progress crowding my studio space was to go tiny. Super tiny. Like 1.5"x 2" tiny.  I had squirreled away scraps of wood left after cutting the talking blocks with the thought that I would create a series of tiny landscapes.  But after working on large abstract pieces for the past couple of months and filling large spaces with color and shape I decided that I wanted to do the same on a smaller micro scale.  I started this set a few weeks ago and every couple of days I layered on more color and detail.  It was very freeing to have less space to work with and I already have a color pallet picked out for Series 2.  Sadly it will have to wait as the next few days are set aside for framing.  I have LOTS of new work which is just about ready to share.  Some pieces will be going to The Ann Arbor Art Center for Art Off The Wall and some pieces will go into my Etsy shop the 1st week of November.  Well, maybe I can just lay down a 1st layer of color...

happy day-

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