Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This Was When Her Real Story Began

This Was When Her Real Story Began

I had every intention of working on this piece and sharing it yesterday morning but the day took a turn, and another turn and then a few more (let's just say nothing went quite as planned but all ended well enough).  This morning, in the back to school quiet,  I spent some time in the studio and finished the piece up quickly.  I really like the image and the title and the idea that roads and paths are revealed to us while we sleep and dream.  I actually closed my eyes for 15 minutes before picking up the kids today (something I never ever do) and I woke to the ding of an email with some news.  Some good and exciting news that I will share tomorrow once I am able to wrap my head around it ;-)

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artslice said...

YOur painting day sounds quite similar to mine! Can't wait to hear what news that little 'ding' brought:)