Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Finding beauty and quiet in the middle of it all...

American Beauty
7"x 6.5"x 2"

Hey there. There is so much going on here that I don't even know where to I won't.  Today I'll just say that in the middle of it all I am finding beauty and quiet in my surroundings and am so grateful for the gift of open space and breathing room.  There is so much grace and beauty in the many old barns I pass by daily. These antique structures are full of stories and the sight of them nurtures something deep inside of me.  The soothing quiet in the river and woods which flank the short ride to and from school each day fill me up and renew my energy.  So amidst all the driving, cooking, painting and meeting deadlines there is room for pause....and that is a gift. 
 Where do you find breathing room in your day?

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