Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Unspoken Truths Lost In The Night

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I haven't been sleeping much lately.  The change in seasons has brought to mind the old house, our old friends and all that we have experienced as a family and as five individuals over the past decade.  At night when it's hard to turn my brain off the dream ponies march slowly through my thoughts reminding me of all that has been said and done, opportunities taken and lived to the fullest and those that slipped by and then I go on to wondering/worrying about the here and now and the days, months and years to come. I know, the whole shine on thing, yeah, yeah, yeah...but I need to work through this stuff and the days are too busy to give enough space to this big picture kind of thinking.  I  love this time of the year as we look back at the brightness of summer and prepare for the darkness brought by winter.  It is a good time to take stock of things, to sort through, and muddle around in the grey days of autumn while occasionally looking up to find blue skies, crisp autumn air and unexpected moments of clarity. I have always appreciated the idea of seeing the beauty in both sides of things but  I am perfectly content to live in the in-between because it seems that is where all the really-good-magical-and-transformative-stuff happens.  So I'm not sleeping much lately but I'm kind of ok with it for now and I've started knitting again to slow down my days just a bit as I find my way to winter.  What about you...are you a summer, autumn, winter of spring type?


bridgette said...

beautiful post. i get it. hope you sleep well tonight, my friend.

tangled sky studio said...

thank you : )