Tuesday, January 15, 2013

shimmery new work

These lovely ladies are the shimmery stuff of dreams.  I didn't go into the studio planning to paint a mermaid (in fact i'm not sure i've ever thought about painting a mermaid) but last week, early one morning, I picked up the long block in the center, noticed a scrap of white in my stash, saw an image in my head and started to paint.  With the 1st mermaid as my muse I created two more over the next couple of days (while I should have been working on many other things...ahem.).   I love the black background, the bit of shimmer and the 2" thick wood blocks.  I plan to create a few more mermaids and have another image from the sea in mind too...stay tuned.  Wishing you a week full of unexpected inspiration : ) 


Jennifer Richardson said...

i love these!
especially the block paintings
themselves...something so wonderful
about thick chunks of art.
and I love hearing about your process, too:)

tangled sky studio said...

thanks : )

Silvia Byrne said...

I think these are beautiful x

artslice said...

*gasp* You're speaking my watery language. I love these mermaids! So lovely.

Mehul said...

Love the "shimmering" work. xo
~ Herman Swan
Architectural Stone