Friday, December 28, 2012

unexpected and magical...

Remember yesterday when I mentioned I had a bit of snow envy?  We had two inches on the ground but no snow in the forecast for the next week and I was wishing for a little snowball fight, snowman building, snow angel type snow for us to enjoy over the break from school.  And then unexpectedly and magically it started snowing yesterday afternoon and it never stopped.  It was the big, light, fluffy snow that sparkles on the trees and makes everybody smile.  There was still no snow in the forecast as the 4 inches accumulated and I found myself shouting at the radio "but it's snowing here!".  Well it turns out this magical lake effect snow fell in a tiny band that only affected my town.  I love that.  It was like a special wish coming true and there is now talk of another 2-4 inches falling today.  I was able to pull together the fabric to start on the Mama Cat and her Skirt Dwelling Kittens pattern and make a pot of soup.  The dogs wore themselves out in the snow and then snuggled up inside and the kids got some much needed outside time and then settled back in with new books, toys and a silly game of charades.  
Have I mentioned that I am back in glasses after 6 lovely years with 20/15 vision?  I have very bad eyes and have had to wear glasses for near and far since 4th grade.  When we moved to our current house, only one block from the beach, I decided to have Lasik surgery which was super simple and successful.  They told me as I got older I may need reading glasses and I went on my way happily enjoying glasses free living.  But about 6 or 7 months ago my night vision started to decline, then my daytime vision and so now I don't need glasses for reading (or knitting) but I pretty much need them for everything else.  That is kind of unexpected but not so magical.  But in a way it is yet another thing coming full circle in this strange year that is on its way out.  Speaking of the new year in this I will put the finishing touches on a special painting that I will give away on January 1, 2013.   I will post a photo of the painting here tomorrow and anyone who comments on that post before midnight on New Year's Eve will be entered to win : )

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