Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sharing x 2

homemade german spaetzle and heirloom apple salad

If only you could have joined me for lunch...
Yesterday morning I paid a long overdue visit to a friend from Germany for tea, homemade cookies and conversation.  As you know it has been a bit hectic and unsettling around here these past few months with our house being for sale, the adoption of two rescue dogs and all of the stuff that goes along with raising two teenagers and an 8 year old.  Well, I can't even tell you how lovely it was to sit and drink tea and talk and watch her little one toddle around with such openness and joy.  What a treat in the middle of the week and a reminder to slow down and connect.  I decided to take her a bit of the heirloom apple salad I had made for dinner the night before and she sent me home with some of the homemade German spaetzle with alpine cheese and caramelized onions that she had made the night before.  As she prepared to put her little one down for a nap, I returned home to prep the house for another showing.  Once everything was in its place and the house was ready I sat down and enjoyed an amazing leftovers lunch.  Sharing x 2 = super yummy!

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