Monday, November 26, 2012

The same but different...

Emotional Block No. 16
ties that bind

Emotional Block No. 17

Hello, hello hello.  After a busy week of travel, family, food I am back home and settling into the making.  Last night I wrapped up a few packages which were sent off this morning and then I headed into the studio where I plan to spend most of the week.  These two blocks (along with two others for a local shop) were created at the same time and although they all have a black background, two women, and a minimal amount of color, they all say something different to me.  Maybe it's the tilt of a head, the shape of each figure or the way the text, pattern and color combine or maybe it's all of these things.  I feel like the same but different is a theme that may carry through this week (more on that in a day or two).  I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, a generous amount of time spent with family and friends and an abundance of good food on the table.  I have soup, roasted veggies and warm spinach salad in mind for this about you?

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Leililaloo said...

Hey dear friend, i like theme for this week 'the same but different'.

The blocks are looking good!

I am glad to hear your paintings find new homes all the's so nice when people value what one does as an artist, gives lot's of sparkling energy to make new work, doesn't it?