Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday...

Just checking in before we hit the road for a quick visit to my folks house in Michigan. The weekend is going to be full of family, food, football and a trip to the cider mill (it's nice to be within driving distance of family again). For the foodie festivities tomorrow I am making the decadently delicious Hush Puppies with Green Zebra Tomato Jam. I'm not usually big on frying but I came across this recipe in an issue of Food and Wine over the summer and had to give it a try. I've been smitten with the idea of tomato jam since I had a mind blowing version served with a cheese plate at Picco last year. Anyways, the puppies and the complex and yummy jam were a big hit and make great finger food for a crowd. I've tried this version as well (but i used fresh tomatoes) and it was perfect on sandwiches. So what are you doing with the last of this season's tomatoes?


Anonymous said...

Art and food can be found here...always so yummy!! Hungry making.

chrissy said...

you always make me want to feed my family better miss beth. unfortunately i have NO tomatoes unless they are coming from the market. i loved to sizzle them in balsamic vinegar however this summer....soooo yummy. hope you enjoyed your time with family, food, fun...and football(my favorite)
hugs to you.