Friday, May 7, 2010

Wrappinp up the week...

The indigo linen dress C gave me for my birthday was the perfect thing to slip on this gorgeous Friday morning. I love the ease of dresses and skirts and while flip flops would have been an easy match I slipped into an old pair of Camper boots and a new favorite outfit was created. Through the cold and rainy months of winter (which seemed to linger longer than expected this year) I pretty much stuck to jeans and t-shirts or turtlenecks so I'm feeling a bit like a butterfly emerging from a black and denim cocoon. I finally made it into the studio last night after too many days away and it was like drinking water. Painting has become so vital to my well being and I was very, very thirsty. After just an hour of painting I felt refreshed and renewed and energized (those poor ladies had been holding that house in the air for far too long and they finally got their ladders). This painting moved closer to it's final stage and I'm sure I'll be sharing the final image in just a few days (i am kind of in love with this painting and am savoring it...). I also worked on two more pieces for the LA show and think I've got a pretty good feel for what that whole group of six will look like. Now that I've got a handle on work stuff I can focus on prepping some yummy food for a big Mother's Day Potluck we are hosting (i think we are up to 14 adults and 17 kids...yikes). The daily, unpredictable, heartbreaking and heartwarming job that is parenting is something to be celebrated for sure and i wish you a lovely weekend full of humor, grace and love.

ps: love, love, love this song (and movie about parenting and life)...


blue china studio said...

Can't wait to see the new painting. And I also like that song from Dan in Real Life too. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

justagirl said...

Hope you have a wonderful mother's day...I Love the music video, might have to see that movie.

The indigo linen dress with an old pair of camper boots made me giggle, sounds perfect.

I can't wait to see your new painting.


Tara Thayer said...

happy mother's day to you, beth.
and that is one of the few movies the girls and i like equally well.

gretchenmist said...

i had a crush on those camper boots last year! {just got some with the strappy elastic going across them}. your dress looks great.
your studio time sounds perfect ~ i like the dots in this new one.
happy mothers day!

artslice said...

How sweet your hubby gave you a dress! (mine wouldn't go there :) - (because he wouldn't know what to get) Sounds like a super cute outfit.
I love what you said about how making art is like drinking water and you had a huge thirst. Lovely and so true. Can't wait to see your work for this show.
Have a wonderful Mother's day, Beth!
ps -
fun song

Leililaloo said...

Happy mother's day to you Beth. You are a huge 'how to be a mother' inspiration to me...

pixie said...

I'm so crazy about this post! It IS like drinking water when thirsty. I hope you had a glorious Mother's day in your Butterfly frock and kind of MD attire :) Will you be coming to LA? Please say YES.

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

I, too, can't wait to see your latest masterpiece, made with tender loving care. Hope your Mother's Day extravaganza was great!

Janice La Verne said...

hi beth!
you describe painting and being away from painting really well. I can't wait to see this painting... love the pattern on the house.

hope spring has come where you are, still cold and rainy here today!

thanks for the comments on my blog. i so enjoy hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

I love your analogy of painting as drinking's so poetic...looking forward to seeing your painting. I like the indigo outfit...great photo montage.

chrissy said...

hi beth.
thinking of you often
(actually daily as i always smile at my girl)
hope all is above water.
moving can be so stressful.
please tell me you know pixie?
she touches people all over the place in my world.
i have yet to ever meet her in person
i have seen the power of her beautiful soul at work in the lives of friends.
neat how the world just keeps sharing surprises.
happy weekend to you tomorrow.
huge hugs.