Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thoughts of love...

                              brown paper packages tied up with string
                                                          3.5" x 4"

                                                   one by one x five 
                                                           3.5" x 10

have been filling my head.  Love in all it's forms is such a mysteriously fickle thing. These two paintings  are expressions of what we hope for (for love to surprise us and show up at the right moment, neatly packaged ) and what we get ( a collection of lost loves that form who we become).  Lots to think about (and keep one up at night).


Kim Hambric said...

These pieces are wonderful. I love your explanation -- what we hope for and what we get. It is love and love lost that make us who we are.

nacherluver said...

these are now a few of my favorite things!! ;)

tangled sky studio said...

thank you both!

Laura Hegfield said...

I am especially enjoying the little bird perched and waiting.

sweetness and light,