Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I've been a bit distracted.....

                                                          this is how I knew.....

                                                    the past is never far behind

by a decision that needed to be made about our house in Evanston.  We were planning to put it back on the market at the end of January and get it sold quickly but a few things happened between point A and point B.  C's job out here is not all it was supposed to be and he is traveling to the midwest often.  Old friends came to visit, followed by my parents, followed by my in-laws (it is a big trip which none us will be able to make very often).  Then Sage and I went back and spent some time with our neighbors and bff's in Evanston.  All of these things really got us thinking, and talking (and talking, and talking) about what is important and what is smart and what just is.  We all truly love our new town.  We love the schools, the weather, the produce, the redwoods, and the community that we have dipped our toe into but at the end of the day our home is in Evanston.  We know that.  And despite all of the drama we endured last summer that door is still open and I truly believe that there is a reason for that.  So we have decided that we will be moving back across the country to our lovely old house by the lake once school is out. Hashing all of this stuff out and talking to the kids and letting people know has taken all of my energy over the past few weeks (thank you for being patient).  But now it's like a weight has been lifted and I am ready to get back to work.  Of course the wheels are already turning about what is will take to move again but for the next few months my plan is to enjoy where I'm at (although i have already started obsessing over what color to paint the living and dining room when we get back home....).  

Thanks for listening.



bridgette said...

oh wow! There must have been a bigger plan for you all in regards to the house.
Although I would love to move back to the west coast, I am glad that you are moving back here.

kathryndart said...

Beth, I want to say two things:

1) I really really love that diptych. It might be my favorite of your work. ever.

2) That is such a huge/hard decision, and I'm so glad your family has some peace about it!

gretchenmist said...

wow! i admire your ability to get to the truth about all this {for all your people!} and act on it. so tricky! glad that the doors are still open for you where you need to be.
i often toy with the idea of moving 2000km north to be closer to my family {leaving my friends and hubby's family} and think what if it doesn't work for us??

tangled sky studio said...

bridgette-i really think that's true and i'm looking forward to being involved in the great encaustic community that i left too soon.
kathryn: thank you...that piece says a lot.
belinda: weighing what we gave up againsst what we gained the decision was pretty clear and all of us agree we wouldn't trade our time here on this big adventure for anything.

Susanna said...


we are going to be glad to have you back in the Midwest! What an adventure. Quite like your new art 'the past is never far behind.' The best of luck with all your planning.

Beth said...

if it makes you feel any better i had some friends in Denver do basically the exact same thing recently. The husband lost his job at a newspaper. so he decided to try to move to Canada to work at a paper there...the wife put in her resignation as a teacher, he went on ahead of her & the baby, but he hated the city...so now they're going to stay put in denver.

be on the look out for the cd sometime in the new few weeks!

the nest said...

beth, you are amazing, not letting this yo-yo game of life get you down. i don't know too many women (or families) that would manage all the "distraction" so elegantly. bravo! -by that I mean, "Good job!" not "Again!" ;-)

xo - annri

tangled sky studio said...

susanna-thanks. it's like our "year abroad".
beth-i can;t wait to see what's on this year's cd (really!). we actually could live here very happily for many years but we gave up proximity to friends and family in exchange for something that wasn't realized.

nacherluver said...

Been wanting out of where I am but not knowing where I want for a long time. Wish I knew what it felt like to recognize what feels right. I'm happy for you that you have felt and understood and are at peace with what is right for you.
p.s. I'm in the midwest ;)

sammi said...

welcome home......hopefully I will be there to join you :) (fingers crossed just so tightly, as we too feel that chicago is our real "home" and will always be. There is just a feeling with that place that we haven't been able to achieve anywhere else...it's home to us, and oh how I want to return.)

tangled sky studio said...

annri-thank you friend.
nl-i know wanderlust....but i think i'm over it for quite a while after this move.
sammi-the city of big shoulders is calling...see you there!

artslice said...

What a story! But, how lucky you still have the option of good old home sweet home... your lovely, tiny studio too. :)

I can feel the turmoil y'all must have been going through! Unsettling. Glad you feel you've reached a 'bend in the road.'

Love the diptych!!! The other too but the houses really hit home for moi. Enjoy your warmer holiday season!

Melizza said...

hi Beth...so the midwest calls you back, eh? I wanted to let you know about a band I learned of recently...."band of horses"...check them out if you haven't already....given you like the Shins, I think you would enjoy them. ciao, bella! melissa