Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Above are a few detail shots of a new 10"x 20" painting in progress.  The warm weather over the past weeks and a few trips down to the beach have filled my head with thoughts of summer (however, on the afternoon I started this piece it was 51 degrees and rainy outside).  The figure in this painting is standing with her feet in the cool and refreshing water as she stands in the darkness of the universe alone but not lonely, grounded not by the land but in the fluid and gentle movement of ripples in the water.  She is speaking to me and I'm hoping to finish her up by the weekend.  Despite the fickle nature of transition there are sure signs summer is on it's way.  The radishes are only days away from being ready to pick (thinly sliced radishes, a fresh baguette and a bit of butter and salt spell s-u-m-m-e-r!), there is lemonade in my fridge and I've ramped up my knitting (strange I know, but I tend to knit like a fiend as summer approaches every year).  It's been harder to get the kids up for school and making lunches has become more like a chore but in only a few short weeks the freedom and unstructured joy of summer will becomes a reality.....what tells you summer is just around the corner?


Tara Thayer said...

Hi Beth! I love this painting you're working on-can't wait to see it in its entirety.
I've been loving the radish/butter/salt/bread thing, also. I love the way you put it: the fickle nature of transition. That sums up my experience right now perfectly.
Hope all is well! tt

justagirl said...

summer seems a long way off as we are heading into winter... but, I think it is the warm sea breeze that tells me summer is not too far away.

I like the idea behind your latest piece.

the nest said...

ahhh! i can feel it now - the cool + soothing water! i like the colors on this one (all of them!), the ripply water is great.

i need to try that radish combo! mmm...

i know summer's just around the corner when i'm in the screen porch early and while i sit the sun rises and gradually warms the room and breaks away the chill of the morning mist.


Heather Jerdee said...

Beth no more crazy jumps in the weather tells me it's summer or I should no more temps below 55, we have had a couple days in the nineties here I'm in Minnesota that was a crazy jump but in the right direction :) Oh Yumm fresh radishes I've got try that, another thing would be peonies definitely a sure sign summer is right at our door step. Like the painting a lot so far.

Mary Ann Wakeley said...

beautiful work, beth! i love how you put it.... alone but not lonely. i second that thought being a true lover of solitude.

the radish and bread combo sounds yummy although i can't eat butter (i know i'm in the minority) but i may just try it out on the family's tastebuds :)

i know summer is here or nearly here when the windows can be opened morning noon and night and the smell of honeysuckle is in the air...also when i make a pitcher of freshly brewed lemony iced tea daily.

tangled sky studio said...

open windows are the best (especially at night!).