Sunday, October 19, 2008


Twenty-three down and twenty-two to go....
I spent this evening sitting outside fine sanding these lovely maple blocks which are destined to become glamour and party girls.  Since my painting spree last week I haven't been back in the studio so I decided to get ready for a rainy monday by prepping these blocks.  Today was the quintessential autumn day and after a long walk on the beach I got down to work while the kids played in the yard.  Some of these girls will find their way to my etsy shop and some will be shipped off to a show in New York in early December. I really enjoy painting these girls and am looking forward to getting started on them tomorrow.  
Later this week I will add a print of my painting "Heart of Gold" to my etsy shop with $10.00 from every sale going to help Will Boyd.  It's been such an amazing experience to have my small gesture so appreciated and I look forward to being able to continue contributing to Will's fund.  I'm thinking about making prints of one or two other paintings as well...what do you think?


artslice said...

Hi Beth-
I'm so jealous of your beach walks! It sounds fabulous. Wow, you must have sore arms by now sanding all those panels. It's a good feeling preparing for a big burst of art making, I always love the potential of what can appear on a fresh painting surface.
Your prints sound cool, I say go for it!

Leililaloo said...

Thank you beth, your comment was very much apprieciated. I feel so blessed having you as a friend!

I look forward seeing all of these great new pictures. You are to me aswell a costant source of inspiration!!!

sammi said...

I like the wine companion in your picture.....I will let you know how vida's went for me as soon as I find out (I am quite anxious to know!)

Michele Maule said...

Oh! Don't you just love a big pile of panels ready to be painted?
Sounds like you've got some work to do.
Can't wait to see the out come.

I say go for the prints. See what happens. I was offering prints in my shop for a little while, and I might do it again for the holidays :)