Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mystery painting...

OK...I'm going to start off by admitting that there is nooo chance that I will finish all of the knitting projects from my last post!  I started a sweater for myself but it is already in a basket under a chair (with the other 5 unfinished garments).  My yarn is very jealous of my wax.  
Today I managed to start on a painting that came to me last night....can you tell what it is?  I am very excited about this piece and hope to work on it a bit more this evening (after I finish making my middle son's tree costume....).  Have a lovely evening!


justagirl said...

looks like it could be houses or buildings of some sort?

a tree costume... that sounds very interesting, I finished off a bad fairy costume for my daughter last night. She was so pleased with it I thought she was going to wear it to bed.

I will be interested to see the new painting develop.

artslice said...

Hmmm... what could it be? I really don't know - maybe mountains.
Don't worry, your knitting will get finished,just slower... The empire waist one sounds really cute.
I finally finished the toes on 3 socks today! It was a huge thing for me :) (I need silence when doing the kitchner stitch).
A tree costume sounds so endearing! Like Justagirl I am anxious to see what that painting will be, hopefully you can find time to paint tonight.

tangled sky studio said...

houses for our souls, mountains of strength and beauty....thanks for playing!