Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Living With Art

I don't have anything new completed today but I have two promising ideas unfolding which I hope to work on tomorrow.  The smidge of a painting pictured above is something I started a few months ago.  I know it's not done but I haven't known quite what it needed so I actually hid it behind a larger painting for awhile and now I'm revisiting it like an old friend in need.
I hope I'm able to breathe some new life into it and give it wings so it can go out into the world.   
It's funny how once you have a space to work in you are able to live with your paintings.  Some get finished quickly and are listed and sold, others sit on the shelf waiting for their perfect match to find them  and still others take time and perspective just to complete.


Janice La Verne said...

i like this painting a lot.

i too love to draw houses, televisions, washing machines and trees. so... it made me laugh to see that you also had drawn cool little tvs.

thanks again for the kind remarks on my blog.


justagirl said...

I really like the way to talk about your painting as beings... I too think of my girls in my paintings that way too... and I agree with you that some are finished quickly and some are not and need a bit more attention... I totally understand that.