Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Back in the groove-

r e a d i n g :: e a t i n g :: m a k i n g

Happy New Year people.  I've started the new year off with a flurry of activity.  Listened to 'Station Eleven' while taking P back to school and loved it.  Am reading 'A Little Life' for a book discussion at the this awesome little bookstore.  Have made this yummy and healthy dish twice in the past week for lunch. Am just finishing up Tiny Objects No.4. And... I'm wishing on each an every tiny star that your new year is off to a lovely start.



artslice said...

It all sounds full of fun and goodness in your house/head!! What show are you painting those for? Is it the 'Big Tiny Show' or something of a similar name? I need to think about doing more stuff like that...

tangled sky studio said...

Hi Brenda- these two pieces are going to a local gallery. I am swapping out a few pieces and freshening things up :)