Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hello, it's me...

MMuseumm (unexpectedly crowded)
looking up in Cortland Alley (gorgeous in the rain)
 Sara Berman's Closet (with random garbage)

Get it?  Honestly, I had not that heard that Adele song before Thanksgiving but then it kind of took over our road trip (in a good-laugh-out-loud-bonding-moment-kind-of-way).  We hosted a cast party for 60 Teenagers the night before we headed to Maryland to celebrate the holiday with C's parents. The days leading up to the trip and the days after we returned were crazy busy which is why I haven't been in this space much recently.  But, there is some good stuff going on here so I wanted to pop in to share a few things.  First, my oldest completed her 1st trimester of college and is home thru the new year....so good to have her home for a bit.  Second I am taking on the challenge of making slow fashion even slower and hand stitching some clothing with two friends (more on that later.)  The third thing involves going to see Maira Kalman speak the week before Thanksgiving at the Michigan Theater.  She was authentic, witty and insightful and when she mentioned this installation she created in a NY alley, I felt compelled to see it in person, in the alley.  So....I mentioned my crazy idea to C, took swift action and altered our travel plans slightly. We headed up to NY from MD and saw Sara Berman's closet, Mmuseumm, stopped in to Purl Soho, ate at The Meatball Shop, visited The Drama Book Shop and (right across the street) Muji, saw Something Rotten the 1st night and then wandered around Bleeker St the next morning, stopping in at Bantam Bagels(for my Mom), Murray's Cheese Shop(for me) and an amazing Patisserie(for everyone) before heading to Pittsburg for a night and then heading home the next day.  It's amazing how much goodness you can squeeze into just under 24 hrs in New York.  The traffic was terrible on that Sunday and I don't think we will ever drive in holiday traffic again but I'm glad we did it this time.  Totally worth it.  So grateful for my husband's lovely family, my open to anything husband, my funny and fun road trip companions and to the amazing city of New York which lives up to the hype every time I visit.  So much to be thankful for and am trying to keep it all in my mind and heart.  We all need to find a light in the dark these days and spending time with loved ones and working with my hands is where I'm finding comfort.  Where is your light coming from this season?

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artslice said...

Hi Beth,
Wow!! Sounds like an amazing trip... I would've loved to have tagged along. Especially to see and hear Maira Kahlman. I LOVE her!! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2016!!