Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mo chairs...

Garden Party
20"x20"x1.5" framed

Did I tell you I planted a cutting garden this year?  I did (and it actually does look a little something like this) and if you lived closer I would invite you to sit and chat among the flowers and the monarch butterflies and the honeybees.  But since you don't live closer (and I don't actually have chairs in my flower bed) I will just say a quick hello and tell you that my vegetable and flower garden are bursting with color and yumminess and I can barely keep up with the zucchini and tomatoes.  And I will wish you a happy last month of summer and ask what beautiful and edible things you have coming up in your garden right now?


Bridgette Mills said...

We have tomatoes galore in our garden. Our zucchini didn't actually survive :( but happy because we've wanting a garden since we left Seattle for Chicago and couldn't have one in Chicago.
I love the spots of color on the green grass. Your paintings convey so much joy to me.

artslice said...

Well, if I could... I'd be right over to sit with you and your flower. (on the chairs I'm bringing, of course:) Could we see photos of your bounty?? and garden?


tangled sky studio said...

of course...a perfect way to end this week :)