Friday, August 21, 2015

garden to table...

Sharing some beauty at the end of an ugly week.  Earlier this week I received a text from my bank asking about a rapid series of charges that emptied my bank account. My card was not lost or stolen but apparently someone skimmed my card # and wiped me out.  Thankfully, I was alerted quickly, called the bank, shut down the card and the disputed amount was put back into my account while an official investigation takes place over 60-90 days.  My new card will have a chip in it which will make it more difficult to skim but the whole thing just really wrecked a perfectly good week.  I spent much too much time thinking about the person that stole the number and the person who bought the counterfeit card and decided that I need to let it go. Posting the garden's goodness while enjoying the tomato salad in the middle for lunch as I type seemed like a good way to wrap things up.  A mole has taken out all the bush and climbing beans but everything else is in pretty good shape although things are looking a bit unkempt.  Late summer shabby is ok in the garden because two weeks from today we drive our oldest to college and we are squeezing in all kinds of quality family time.  All three of my kiddos start school after Labor Day and this year in particular it feels like a gift. Happy weekend.

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