Friday, November 14, 2014


Hey there.  Above are a few photos of new work, custom work and parts of my display for the One Of A Kind Fair.  I am so happy that this week is coming to an end but I am also just a wee bit freaked out about time slipping away.  There are less than three weeks until the Chicago show and while I think I am in pretty good shape with my inventory there is still so much more I would like to create.   And I think I have most of my details sorted out but I still need to make a sign, create an inventory list,  make tags and a few other things.  

Last weekend my in-laws were in (to see the kid's play) and this week my father had surgery(it went well) and I accepted a two piece custom order so the whole week really just got away from me.  In addition to all that, technology is making things more challenging.  I am getting used to a new(hand-me-down) computer (after almost 8 years my Mac bit the dust), a new phone (my 7 year old iphone wasn't card reader compatible) and last night my very old but much loved (and wax covered) iPod stopped working.  Arrrg.  Very bad timing for a techno neophyte but have to say I love my new phone and I was able to download all my music onto it (although I have to find a way not to touch it while I work!) and the new computer is slightly different,  but it is much faster and I'm sure we will be friends soon.  

Sometimes I feel like the more I have to do the more organized I am but yesterday the snow started falling which reminded me that Christmas is just around the corner and that makes me think about how I am going to be very last minute this year which in turn reminds me that I'm hosting Thanksgiving.  Which makes me think it's time to stop writing and get back to work :)

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods-


oh and-
i have a few passes for the one of a kind fair (each one is free admission for two) if you are planning to attend the show drop me a line and I'll email you a pass :)

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artslice said...

Wow, what timing for a total techno meltdown!!!

My hubby informed me I really needed a new phone... I just had a big question mark above my head. But, followed. I have to say I LOVE my new phone. Who know I would ever care/use such a thing in so many ways.

Wish I could drop in and visit your show. Good luck with it all!!! Exciting but a bit stressful with deadlines and all, yes?

I want to see your 'cathedral window' style paintings!!