Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How you like me now...

my glitzy gold door's song

I've been on the fence about my new door color since I painted it this summer.  I actually love the color but am not sure it's quite right with the faded blue siding on the house.  The siding isn't going to change anytime soon and so every time I drive up to the house I remind myself that I need to paint the door black (the thing is I don't dislike enough to move it to the tope of the priority list).  A few days ago I purchased a wreath, dolled it up and added some ribbon and I have to say I LOVE the door with the wreath on it.  It seems that the bold, sassy color just needed an accessory to really sing.  So now I'm pretty sure the door color will stay and I will have to think about painting the siding ;-)

In other news There is just one more week until I head to the One Of A Kind Fair.  I'm continuing to paint and frame and am wrapping up final details but feel like I'm in pretty good shape.  As an FYI my Etsy shop will be open thru this Sunday evening but then will be shut down from 12/1-12/10 while I'm away.  So if you had your eye on a special piece for yourself or as a gift drop me a line between now and Sunday as I will be taking everything I have to the show.

Tomorrow I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 14 and I really need to get busy cleaning and chopping and figuring out where I'm going to seat all these peeps.  I'm sticking to a pretty traditional menu and am cooking the main dishes with everyone else is bringing side dishes and desserts.  I've used this recipe for the turkey for many years with great results and made my make ahead gravy base yesterday.  I'm adding this favorite to the menu because it rocks and I plan to marinade the green beans and chop all the stuff for the stuffing later today.  That will just leave whipping up the Zuni Cafe buttermilk mashed potatoes for the last minute.  Amid some chaos and uncertainty this year I have so, so very much to be thankful for and I hope the same is true for you.  Warm wishes for a gathering that fills you up.



artslice said...

Beth you always inspire me with all that you are doing!!! Love the wreath on that golden door...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and good luck with the show:)


tangled sky studio said...

thanks brenda! dinner was great and i'm getting really excited about the show. hope you are enjoying the gloriously long weekend with your kiddos :)