Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday share....

new bits::new work

Greetings from the beginning of a week full of promise.  This week, college apps are being checked and rechecked and submitted (yikes!).  Tech week for one play is upon us and rehearsals for another have started (so fun).  Sports and practices have ended for the season(just in time). The power tools are put away and the incredibly loud growl of the air compressor hasn't been heard in two days and the floors are happy.
Details are being taken care of for this show (necessary paperwork, packaging, business cards etc...).  It seems overwhelming if I think about it all together so I am checking off one box at a time and carving out time to create each day.   I think I'm on top of things and in pretty good shape but if anyone reading this post has done an art fair and has any advice or tips please feel free to share. 
Of course, I'm sure things will come up, (like they always do) but right now this week looks like a week where things will get done. It appears to be a week full of promise laid out in front of me like a long open road...time to see where it takes me.  

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