Thursday, October 9, 2014

Busy B-

almost complete & just started

A quick hello between projects and travel.  
I spent last weekend in Pittsburg with my 3 best friends from high school. Yes Pittsburg, who knew how great it would be?  If you haven't been there, and you live within driving distance or it's on your way to somewhere else, I would highly recommend spending a night or two.  The city setting is beautiful, the people were super friendly, the food scene is great and The Andy Warhol Museum is there and it is A-W-E-S-O-M-E.
Here at home, I have continued to carve out time in the studio each day and am really grooving on new color combinations and a new playlist (which includes lots of this).  It feels great to be working so much and the energy in the studio is spilling over into the latest house project too.  We have ripped out the variety of flooring in the three remaining rooms on the main floor and will start installing the quarter sawn white oak this weekend.  We had to wait almost 10 months for our supplier to find enough sustainably harvest wood to complete the remaining rooms but it was worth the wait.  Outside my studio door it is a construction zone with furniture and power tools piled everywhere but the end is in site and that makes me happy (of course these things are never really done but we will have the illusion of doneness once the rest of the flooring is in).  I just need to get one more coat of paint in the entryway before the weekend and then I can paint all the trim after the flooring goes down.
So, it's kinda crazy here but it's a creative-energy-messy-transformative-kind-of-big-picture-crazy and for right now it is good.   In fact, it's really good.  Next week I'll check in and share some of my new work.  Until then, wishing you a lovely rest of the week and weekend.

oh and- 
I have to throw in a tiny shout out to mama nature for the weather these days which is just spectacular :)


Kate Goodman said...

I really like the red polka dot dress. Maybe she will be in your store soon?

Can you tell me a bit about your technique? Do you stick the paper bits down with an adhesive before you cover with encaustic?

tangled sky studio said...

hi kate-
i will list the polka dot dress piece this weekend for you to check out :)
i use a lot of different techniques but on that piece in particular, i painted a background with encaustic gesso and used a special adhesive for the dress and hat before painting her face and arms with encaustic paint. Sometimes I lay down a layer of wax and then dip the paper bits in wax and fuse them to the previous layer and then continue to layer wax on top of that. The wax technique makes the paper bit more transparent which can be really cool but in this case I wanted a very opaque dress. if you have more questions feel free to convo me on Etsy anytime :)