Monday, May 19, 2014

Behind the scenes and just plain behind...

Hello there!  The past few weeks we've been in a theatre bubble around here with two kids and then all three kids in back to back productions (Moon Over Buffalo & Macbeth).  C helped build sets, I thrifted and made props and sewed too many kilts to count and all five of us all had a wicked-sneeze-yourself-silly-stuffed-up-nose-sore-throat-kind-of-cold last week.  Dinner has been eaten at 4pm for far too many nights and there have been way too many trips back and forth to rehearsals and performances.  There is still one more small production with one child in it before the school year concludes and then we will be at the one year mark in our new home.  There is more to say on that subject, but not today.  Today I just wanted to get back here and share a bit of color that has been on my studio table waiting patiently to be put together and to say hi & that I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


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