Tuesday, February 25, 2014

inner language...

Memories Filled Her Dreams Like Shimmering Jewels In The Night Sky

Her Dreams Were Like a Kaleidoscope of Sea and Sky

As I was finishing up these two paintings I started to think about the idea of our inner language.  These two figures lying down and letting color and light out spill out in the same but very different ways. It is so amazing to me how every one of us sees the same things out in the world, but we internalize and process these observations and experiences so differently.  As I was working and thinking and listening to music it occurred to me  that I am putting part of my inner language into the images I create, into these figures, into the many women, men, houses and birds I have used in my work. Which is I suppose the same thing every creative type does.  Artists, musicians, dancers, knitters, writers, poets, bakers, chefs, cooks, designers, architects, sewers and makers of all kinds...they are all just letting a bit of the inside out...letting color and light spill out into the world in many different, beautiful and gorgeous ways.  I love that thought.

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