Thursday, September 19, 2013

Little by little and lots by lots...

painting in progress :: kitchen in progress

Is it my imagination or do the colors in the painting look like the colors in my still-a-work-in-progress-but-now-i-have-countertops kitchen?  I ended up choosing honed carrara marble for many reasons and I totally love, love, love it (and yes, my type A self is already getting over the fact that the counter will looked used and loved).  Next, I will tile the walls with sheets of 2"x4" white subway tile (still trying to decide between white or pale grey grout, thoughts?), C needs to install the range hood and someone other than us needs to move a large drain pipe that is currently hanging down from the ceiling and do some drywall repair.  Now that the space is back to a usable state I don't mind that it with be at least another 4 or 8 or 12 weeks until it's done.  The fact that a nasty head cold/sore throat/sneezy coughy thing has worked it's way through our house and finally made it to me might have something to do with me embracing a slow down too.  But this is my favorite time of the year and Michigan is so gorgeous right now and it really feels like home.  We are making time to visit cider mills and explore the Huron River, we are picking the last of the pole beans (and a few straggling tomatoes) and family game night is back and has taken over the sun room.  
Over the past 3 months we have settled in little by little and lots by lots and even though I have jobs to finish up my mind has turned to next year's project which is to expand the garden and plant a small orchard.  I'm reading this book right now and as usual, am getting ahead of myself. 
 Warm wishes for a lovely autumn weekend.

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