Monday, October 8, 2012

What's inside...

Trunk Show 
(kindred spirits)

Lucky Feather No. 4

Lucky Feather No. 5

Well hello there and Happy Monday!  Little did I know as I wrote my last post that my little guy would miss 4 days of school and spend the weekend recovering.  We are both still on the mend from this nasty and lingering virus but it's good to be getting back to some semblance of a normal day. I have a few more 'Trunk Show' paintings to finish up but am so happy to share the first one here today.  When I started this series I envisioned a small clearing in a magical forest for resting and thinking about all that is and will be.  In this place, once glorious tall standing trees have been cut down and the circles which mark their years are exposed for all to see.  Sometimes it's not until we are cut down or cracked wide open that we show the beauty of our years.  When we are standing tall we can sway and bend with the wind and with change, but it is when we are broken we can truly transform. 

And I just can't stop with the 'Lucky Feathers' series because who doesn't need a little extra luck every now and then???

Have a lovely day : )  

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