Tuesday, September 18, 2012

hello autumn-

After a few last perfectly perfect evenings at the beach over a long weekend we are all ready to kiss summer goodbye and embrace autumn.  I love the crisp and slightly chilly air, throwing all the windows open and needing a sweater, easy pots of soup and homemade bread for dinner and the amazing assortment of apples that pop up at the farmer's market (and in my kitchen thanks to a neighbor who went apple picking yesterday).  Gravensteins  are a personal favorite from my time in California but are hard to come by in the Midwest (although I just discovered an orchard not far from my parent's house grows them).  I also love Honeycrisp (of course), Empire, Northern Spy and Ida Reds.  
What are your favorite varieties and what makes it so yummy?

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bridgette said...

Honeycrisp, hands down!