Friday, April 15, 2011

i am....

able to share 2 new works-in-progress
thankful it's friday
still thinking about dinner last night*
sharing some potato love (the variation is amazing)
planning to try this today
seeing my kids with new eyes
planting cool weather crops
getting involved in the slow food in school project
loving that inspiration sneaks in at unexpected times
happy to say that we are staying in our house

(yep, that last one is a biggie)

* i brined and grilled pork tenderloin instead of chops


the nest said...

i am...

loving the feather,
thankful it's friday,
liking thinking about "potatoes in their jackets",
trying to see inspiration everywhere,
glad that you are happy!

have a great weekend xo

patrice said...

Lovin that you get to stay in your home!!! That just might make my weekend!!! Good news.

bridgette said...

Hooray for staying in your house! That must be a big relief for you.

Thanks for your recent comment. I really hope we can connect again sometime!

congrats again Beth!