Monday, March 7, 2011

keeping busy...

A weekend trip to the library fueled my domestic fires. As the monotony of keeping a big old house in "showing condition" starts to wear thin I have turned my thoughts to what comes next. And yes, my friends, I'm talking about backyard chickens. I was actually in the process of applying for a permit to keep hens here in Evanston when things started unravelling and our life plan unexpectedly changed. Although there is still a bit of uncertainty in the big picture department I feel chickens may be in our future (dairy goats might be a bit of a stretch but I'm feeling curious about lots of new things these days). I like the part of uncertainty that allows one to believe anything is possible, you know? The Tartine Country loaf with walnuts (pictured above) is gorgeous to look at and super satisfying to nibble. The tannins in the walnuts streak the bread purple and served with herb and lemon goat cheese spread* and a glass of syrah it was the perfect snack for reading by the fire late Sunday afternoon.
I wish you a week full of curiosity and inspiration...thanks for stopping by: )

*Herb and lemon goat cheese spread
5 ounces goat chees at room temp
2 tsp chopped fresh thyme
2 tsp finely grated lemon peel
1 clove finely chopped garlic
1-2 tsp olive oil (enough to get a spreadable texture)

mix all ingredients and enjoy


Leililaloo said...

Dear Beth, i've been swamped with family visits last week. Wanted to email you a thousand times, i just did not find that right moment to do so yet....sending you lots of strenght and good spirits for now..I will find that right moment soon, and i will sit down and write you a proper response :))

tangled sky studio said...

looking forward to catching up : )


bridgette said...

yum! that sounds so good.

You need to meet Patricia Seggebruch one day! You both have so much in common besides the wax. She used to have pygmy goats and chickens when I first met her. I thought it was the coolest thing! Although the goats kind of scared me. I admired them from afar...But she gave me a dozen of beautiful blue eggs when I took my first encaustic workshop from her and they were so delicious.

Janice La Verne said...

I love goats. Sometimes I imagine that Monty the greyhound is a nubian goat. He is the right size. Goats are funny, persistent and sweet.
I would hate keeping a house in ready showing condition. I can barely keep up with marginally clean and tidy.
Sending support.