Thursday, August 19, 2010

my home is my canvas....

Please step away from the paint can woman. Seriously, I may have bitten off a a bit too much this time around and I keep adding projects to the list. I am not one to do things half way and my funds are limited so I am doing lots of sanding, staining, priming, painting and of course cooking (the baked sedanini with pancetta and peas was excellent). I am loving the way my home is lightening up but am a bit overwhelmed by how much I still want to get done. I'm not sure how it is for you but it's hard for me to clear my head enough to get in the studio when projects are hanging out there unfinished. I did however, purchase the giant roll of brown paper I use to cover my studio tables (it's a step in the right direction even if i was at home depot to buy paint for an old pine bookcase...). I love to be able sketch ideas and bits and pieces of titles as I work. Also, the oilbars and wax are pretty messy and so every couple of months it's great to start fresh with a new table cover. A few more days of hard work and I'll be ready to get into the studio. What do you need to work creatively? Quiet? A clean sink? No laundry? Loud music? Do tell...

ps: Remember the on-line class I mentioned? Well it's going to be on Jenny Doh's fabulous site "Crescendoh". Her first on-line class "crafting my best life" went live this week (my encaustic class will take place in january). Please check it out and let Jenny (and me) know what you think!


Kim Hambric said...

That brown paper roll sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm always looking for scraps of paper.

If I had to wait until there was quiet, no laundry, no projects, I would NEVER get into the studio. I just cover up the chaos with my favorite music. Often I will cover up unfinished projects on my main work table with a fresh sheet of white flannel fabric when I have a new thought I must act upon. Can't make notes on that, though.

nacherluver said...

Her class looks wonderful!

What do I need to work? Clutter free space! With four kids home for the summer and quite the busy schedule, it has not happened for me in a while. To me, clutter outside feels like clutter inside and I cannot focus. Wish it were different but it is what it is.

tangled sky studio said...

it's nice to know i'm not alone! the end of summer is always bittersweet but i find myself looking forward to the structure and quiet that autumn brings....

ps: thanks for taking the time to comment!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, everything is a are creating, whether it's on your real canvases or the walls or on a plate...I need to not have too many things on my to do list in order to free my mind to create.

artslice said...

Congrats on that class! How exciting!

I need all that you mentioned to create... mostly to de-clutter around myself where I'm working (which is dining room - central room in the house - ). So, I can leave the dishes in the sink for later and work... but when they grow and grow, I get crazy. It's a hard thing working at home, because all the little jobs are staring at you most of the time!

chrissy said...

oh beth!
this news about your class puts a very big smile on my freckled face.
i have WANTED something like this for a long time now.
remember when i was searching for your article about how to paint with encaustics? (never found it)
i am tickled orange.
(don.t wear pink so much!)
your nest is coming along just beautifully.
what do I need to work?
i just need to carve it out.