Friday, August 27, 2010

i love chicago...

...and this is one of my favorite places. This past week and a half has brought small stirrings of order to my big messy moving pot of a life. There have been good and not so good things going on but it's all starting to feel normal again. Moving cross country twice in a year is a lot but I'm a lover of order and I always forget to give myself time to settle in. I want things done quickly but want them done right and those two things don't always go together, you know? In addition to interior painting (which will continue well into the month of September) there have been daily visits to the beach or pool, an impromptu dinner with friends, an outdoor concert downtown, visits to new schools and a great meal here. This weekend promises to be lovely and includes a bonfire at the beach and some time in the studio (finally) all leading up to the 1st day of school for my 3 kiddos on Monday. It's been a crazy summer and I am truly ready to turn the page and step into the next chapter. Happy Friday and thanks for reading...


Kolleen said...

oh beth....i SO love chicago. i was born and raised about an hour and a half from the city and would spend as much time there as i could.

it is wonderful....the food, the people, the culture, the museums, the pier, the Cubbies....i could go on and on.

cheers to getting things back in order and turning the page!!!

happy friday

artslice said...

Sounds like a lot of life going on! I hope you have a great last weekend of summer... looking forward to seeing some of your new work :)

chrissy said...

i am so hoping that your weekend was blissful.
a bonfire on the beach sounds perfect.

i know you are so busy feathering your nest and that is the most important thing in the world i think.

you are doing PERFECT!