Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello autumn...

I'm so happy you finally arrived!  Now that a few major rains have passed Autumn is in full swing here which meant a trip to a pumpkin farm in a beautifully bucolic setting just north of us over the weekend. I realize that I'm a little late in sharing these photos but I have been scrambling to meet some entry deadlines for upcoming shows.  I worked on finishing up the paintings from the last post and then realized I would need to photograph them (as they were too large for the scanner which usually gives the best quality reproduction of an encaustic piece).  So I photographed them (over and over) did a bit of on line editing and then had to decide on pricing, rework my Artist Statement and to be more in tune with my recent work blah, blah, here it is Wednesday and I have no new work to share and my parents arrive on Friday for a week long visit (followed shortly thereafter by my in-laws' week long visit).  I find that doing all of the stuff that goes along with making art can make me a wee bit cranky (sorry kids!) especially when working against a deadline but it all got done and I have a bit of time to paint today so hopefully I'll be sharing one or two small new pieces tomorrow. 

 Here is my new Artist Statement:
Our personal landscape is a composite of human experience and perception.  Our public identities are often juxtaposed against our true selves.  Using a personal language of symbols and objects including houses, clouds, boxes and puppets I build layers of meaning and explore the correlation between the happenstance of our daily lives which publicly define us and the complex personal relationships we have to our surroundings.

What do you think?


winnsangels said...

I think you sound about as busy and frustrated as I feel. : )

Love your autumn collage. Thanks for sharing it with us. Found you over at Susan Tuttle's blog.

Dyche Designs said...

Love the artist statement, wish I could come up with something that creative. :0)

HollyM said...

I think I like it. I'm all for clear language and at first it seemed a little long with 'big' words, but when I read it, it makes sense to me. It is after all clear and I like your message. It is one i think on a lot.

the nest said...

we've got some sun here this week, so fall + its colors are again very pleasing to me! last week was so cold + gray.

your statement sounds great and rings true; your paintings have the ability to be interpreted by each individual according to their own experience + identity, i think that is tribute to the pieces complexity and your thoughtfulness in creating them.


Tara Thayer said...

i think you are an incredible artist.
and i think i owe you a book!
that is a lot of visitors, and you sound cheery, but good luck.
even visitors you love are hard on the household.
enjoy fall, and your work looks great.

sammi said...