Monday, August 4, 2008

Who are the people in your neighborhood

These brightly colored houses hint at something unusual inside.  Every house on my street is so different as are the families inside.  It's funny to think how often we lump people together when in fact we all have something special to offer.  I started off with all the bright colors to represent  the boldness that can come from opening our eyes and recognizing each other's unique gifts.  In this particular painting I have represented  dreamers, baker's (yes the blue house has a chocolate chip cookie on top!) nature lovers, urban farmers and a few others as well. I really like the way the color shows up against the black background and how each house has it's own personality.  It's a bit tricky working with the black AND white oil sticks in the outlines without them running together so it took me a few days ( and a few choice words...) to complete this one.


Leililaloo said...

I love this piece. Firts i have a huge thing with houses and colour, and i love your style! Great painting! By the way as i was looking in your atsy the other day i saw the two beautiful jars you've made and sold. I love those, for their whole look but also for the idea behind it. It's really good.

Kathie said...

I love those little houses. Is that an electric frying pan?! So that's the strange secret of the encaustic process?