Wednesday, June 8, 2016

cold wax on paper-

they look like illustrations, don't they?

These are the 1st two cold wax paintings I did while at The Vermont Studio Center.  I wasn't really happy with them while I was working on them because they felt so flat and I wanted texture from the wax. Working on paper is very different than working on wood and I had to allow myself the time time to play and experiment freely. After working them over a few days time I was able to get some movement and texture in each piece by using oil pastels between layers of wax. Partially because I taped my edges I think they look a lot like illustrations. Theses two pieces have grown on me but I've switched back to working on wood now that I'm home.  I am really loving painting with the cold wax, oil paints and palette knives...messy in a different way than encaustic and it's nice to move between the two mediums.   Have you worked with cold wax and oil paint?  Love it or hate it?

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