Friday, February 26, 2016

The best place I'd never been...

You know how sometimes you think you're going to like something and then that something just blows you away....that was Austin.  We went to visit UT's Radio-Television-Film and Theater Departments and took a few extra days to explore the city.  The weather was gorgeous, the city was vibrant, the people were friendly and all the food was amazing.  The Migas Taco from Vera Cruz Natural is hands down the best 1st bite of food I've ever was crazy-i'm-still-craving-it-a-week-later-and-have-tried-to-recreate-it-good.  I'm not sure if Theo will end up attending UT, but C and I definitely plan to spend some more time in Austin checking out the music scene, eating more BBQ and soaking up the sunshine.  Happy weekend y'all :)

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