Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dress No. 2

All of my projects over the past week have been like naughty children.  They begged for my attention and then played me. I spent the better part of Saturday getting kicked around by the Brioche Stitch.  I seriously cast on for this sweater four times.  Each time I thought I had the stitch figured out I would cast on 161 stitches and work a dozen rows but it never looked right.  Over and over it just wasn't right.  So I took a deep breath and tucked the pattern away for winter knitting.  Sometimes you just have to step away from the needles.  Then I moved on to Dress No. 2 which I wish I loved more.  I mean, I like it OK I just don't love it.  The fabric is blue and oatmeal tiny houndstooth check and its really  beautiful but it will take days for my eyes to recover from looking at it constantly and close up.  The neck line is lower than I like, the sleeves tuned out pretty well but could be taken in a bit more and it just looks a little too finished (but i put in sleeves!). I think with tights and tall boots Dress No. 2 will get a lot of wear over the next couple of months :)

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